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More than a Chef,

A Creator of Concepts

Olivier Elzer is not only a chef, but a creator of tailor-made culinary concepts for his clients. With his innovative and fresh approach, Chef Elzer is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to create culinary experiences that are attractive, unique, and memorable.


Every client is different. Chef Elzer believes that in order for the concept to be successful, it needs to make financial returns for its owners. Chef Elzer’s culinary, entrepreneurial and restauranteur expertise gives him the professional tools to assess all the details and needs of the client’s location, preference, positioning before creating a culinary concept that is successful and commercial.

Source and Create

Dedicated sourcing of local, seasonal produce and ingredients goes to each designed culinary concept to create unique dishes.


Chef Elzer also works closely with sommeliers and vineyards to elevate culinary concepts with exquisitely curated wine pairing, delicate and well-thought-out from start to finish.


When working with Chef Elzer, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of execution. From the look, the feel, to the flavours of the culinary concept, every aspect is to be exceptional, bringing creativity and innovation to life.

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